Laura Mullinax

I was very pleased with Caroline Jackson as our real estate agent. In a difficult buyer’s market, the home sold in about 4 months, at a satisfactory price, with her strategy and advertising methods. Previously, the home was listed with another agency. They initially listed the house with too low a price. I suggested a higher price, it was taken off the market with reluctance by the agency who assured me that was the beginning price was the true worth of the house, and relisted. Even with the somewhat higher price, we were continuing to attract the wrong buyers. We had several offers over the many months, but they were substantially less than what we were willing to accept and after much negotiating back and forth there was no deal. We couldn’t reach an agreeable price for us since they were unable to qualify for a higher loan. Their only option was to provide a low-ball offer and hope we would accept. This went on for many months. Since we were paying to have the home staged and continuing to pay the mortgage, it was a costly and very frustrating situation. And, we grew tired of dealing with people who simply couldn’t afford the home. Finally, I had the awkward but necessary discussion with the other agent that we wanted to discontinue our relationship. We were more than ready to have someone who would get the property SOLD! When we began working with Caroline, she relisted at a yet higher price. This was a tough position for her to relist at a higher price, but in the end, it did work! Had she been the initial agent, she would have strategically priced the house higher, drawn buyers who could afford the proper loan amount, and saved us time, money, frustration. So, the fact was she came into a situation of having to use “damage control” to clean up after the prior agency in order to get our house sold at a price we could accept. She used Facebook, a dedicated website, and web syndication to market our home. She was always available to us when needed. She provided guidance as we went along. We finally got our buyer and Caroline helped us through the negotiation process and we were so thankful and relieved. Thanks to you, Caroline, for getting our house sold and letting us move on!

— Laura Mullinax